High-performance temporary security solutions for hire or hire and install
Russell Wells
Russell Wells

Managing Director

Stewart Plant
Stewart Plant

Director of Marketing

Kevin Wells
Kevin Wells

Technical Director

Rhys Richardson FenceSafe Hire
Rhys Richardson

Sales Director

Alice Myatt FenceSafe Hire
Alice Myatt

Marketing Executive

Rosa Franco FenceSafe Hire
Rosa Franco

UK and Europe Purchasing Manager

Gaius Roberts FenceSafe Hire
Gaius Roberts

Southern Hire Executive

Laura Davie FenceSafe Hire
Laura Davies

Southern Hire Executive

Matt Jagger FenceSafe Hire
Matt Jagger

Southern Hire Executive

Mark Hutchins FenceSafe Hire
Mark Hutchins

Northern Hire Executive

Kelly Costello FenceSafe Hire
Kelly Costello

Northern Hire Executive

Hugh Bennett FenceSafe Hire
Hugh Bennett

FIN Manager and External Hire Executive

Kay Evans FenceSafe Hire
Kay Evans

Head of Accounts

Clyde Littlewood FenceSafe Hire
Clyde Littlewood

Order Processing Manager

Chris Lamey FenceSafe Hire
Chris Lamey

Operations Manager

Jessica Holland FenceSafe Hire
Jessica Holland

Logistics Executive

Maciej Gluchowski FenceSafe Hire
Maciej Gluchowki

Order Processing Executive