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A Revolution in Temporary Fencing

FenceSafe is a brand new type of temporary fencing designed by CLD Fencing Systems. It offers the following three advantages over other types of temporary fencing currently on the market.

  • Safety 
  • Security
  • Sustainability

Available in three different mesh systems; offering profiled, double wire and 358 mesh options. FenceSafe is the first temporary to permanent Rigid Mesh Fencing system that can be converted to a ground dug at the end to form part of the final boundary fence of the project.

Site Temporary Fencing

As security requirements change in the global marketplace, FenceSafe offers the ability to upgrade to meet these. Each FenceSafe system offers the ability to add additional security toppings and features; providing the first system to offer the same security benefits of a permanent fence in a temporary system.

About CLD Fencing Systems

As the United Kingdoms’ largest manufacturer and supplier of Rigid Mesh Fencing Systems and Security Gates; CLD Fencing Systems has lead the market for over 40 years. Working with Architects, Main Contractors, Local Authorities, Fencing Contractors and Government organisations including MoD, Royal Air Force and leading security consultants, has allowed us to innovate the concept of perimeter security systems.

Achieving the highest level of customer service has always been at the heart of our family run company; from supporting the detailed design and specification of fencing systems through to on-time and on-budget delivery of the final product; we work tirelessly to provide the best in security solutions around the world on a daily basis. This is why we believe that all our customers experience a world of difference when they use CLD Fencing Systems.