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Protecting your People

Safety Temporary Fencing

Legislation states that you must conduct your business without putting members of the public at risk. This includes the public and other workers who may be affected by your work. However each year, two or three children alone die after gaining access to building sites, and many more are injured. To prevent this it is important that your site boundaries are considered in the fullest terms and measures taken to manage access across defined boundaries; and steps to exclude unauthorised people.


FenceSafe™ is more than just a sustainable or security temporary fencing solution, it also provides the safety aspect as well. With the FenceSafe™ unique Rigid Mesh Panel System it is able to offer the following Safety Benefits:

  • Open View – It has been proven in numerous studies that sites that have an open view through the fencing line are kept in cleaner and safer conditions, this helps to reduce the number of reported accidents
  • Firm Boundaries – With FenceSafe™ Rigid Mesh Panels you no longer have the ability to open the fence line with standard tools. A specialist security bit is required to remove the exterior fittings.
  • Gated Access – Matching temporary gate solutions are also available to complete the safety temporary fencing package, giving full control of who enters and leaves the site
  • Zero Ground Strike – Problems with contaminated ground or services below the level are removed by having a system that requires zero dig in.
  • Wind Tested in Excess of 100mph – By providing a temporary fencing system that is wind tested in accordance with BS EN 1991 and BS 6399 allows Temporary Works Coordinators to have certified reports for each site specific system supplied.

You can see a sample taken from one of our Structural Design and Calculations below. Each site comes with it’s own site specific report:

Wind Load Temporary Fencing Calculation

Safety Temporary Fencing Safety Temporary Fencing Safety Temporary Fencing Site Temporary Fencing