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Protecting your Assets

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In 2015, over £70,000,000 of construction plant; including excavators, compressors and even cranes was stolen from sites across the United Kingdom. This caused a knock on affect; that is estimated to have cost the industry over £800million in 12 months when the associated costs of plant theft was taken into account, including plant replacement costs, hire of replacement equipment, loss of business and increased insurance premiums. As criminals become more sophisticated the level of security provided by your Fencing Line needs to increase to cope with the threat.

A staggering 1 in 5 sites in the UK experience vandalism each week that could be prevented by upgrading the security to deal with the threat.


FenceSafe™ was designed to combat the issues with existing temporary fencing solutions that, whilst seeming to offer a level of security; in fact are easily breached due to thin wire construction. FenceSafe™ uses CLD Fencing Systems Rigid Mesh Panel Systems that are manufactured in three different levels of protection.

On top of these Security Features, FenceSafe™ allows for increased surveillance of the site for manned patrols, deterring trespassers from attempting entry due to the line of site offered by using a Rigid Mesh Panel System. However if privacy is a concern to you; FenceSafe™ can also offer multiple screening options.

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