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Hire Temporary Fencing

UK and Republic of Ireland Hire of Temporary Fencing

Understanding the requirements of various projects means sometimes companies need a hire solution rather than a purchase of FenceSafe. For all your Hire of Temporary Fencing needs please click on one of our partners below:

LIVE Barriers Temporary Fencing


LIVE Barriers Temporary Fencing LIVE Barriers Temporary FencingLIVE Barriers Temporary Fencing 
LIVE Barriers Temporary Fencing

Hire Temporary Fencing

Hire Temporary Fencing Hire Temporary Fencing Hire Temporary Fencing
Hire Temporary Fencing Hire Temporary Fencing Hire Temporary Fencing

GAP Non-Mechanical Plant division spans fourteen strategically placed depots throughout the UK and has continued to grow since it was established in 2009. This includes crowd control barriers, pedestrian barriers and around a quarter of a million metres of temporary fencing as well as trestles, track mats, timber bog mats and a range of trench boxes and drag boxes.

Our Non-Mechanical Plant is part of our wider equipment hire offering, GAP Hire Solutions. With 8 divisions and over 130 locations, we focus on being the UK’s most innovative hire provider by offering products that will make your life easier.


New Partners COMING SOON!

5 Reasons to Hire Temporary Fencing

When your site or event needs a safe, secure and sustainable temporary fence line the first choice is FenceSafe by CLD Fencing Systems. However sometimes you may need to look at a hire temporary fencing option instead of an investment in the system for you business. Below we list the 5 reasons to Hire Temporary Fencing:

  1. Fixed Cost per day/week/month spread over the duration of the project
  2. Allows you to benefit from all the features of FenceSafe which may be outside of your fencing budget for a purchase
  3. Ease of availability, our partners stock FenceSafe at their various depots for hire
  4. Can trial before you buy to experience all the fantastic features
  5. All our partners are fully trained in the system allowing expert knowledge on site

Contact one of our Partners above for details and price plans of FenceSafe, A Revolution in Temporary Fencing today…