High-performance temporary security solutions for hire or hire and install
HS2 Temporary Fencing

The Construction and Rail Industries rely heavily on zero ground strike temporary fencing around work zones and active lines.

Protecting your staff and assets whilst keeping the public safe is one of the main requirements in the construction and rail sector. Questions are asked on how secure a temporary compound or site could be with FenceSafe products?

Back in 2016, FenceSafe by CLD Fencing Systems launched a ‘Revolution in Temporary Security Fencing.’ Since then, they have gone on to develop multiple versions of the FenceSafe solution in a range of temporary mesh, access systems and turnstiles, all of which offer the same security and safety as their permanent counterparts. Check out the video below for a full construction/rail compound run down on how our products can be deployed foundation free for the same level of security as a permanent system.

From temporary hoarding in the form of FenceSafe Hoard that offers a sustainable solution to your project requirements, to FenceSafe SR1, the world’s 1st LPS 1175 Security Rated Temporary Fencing. Our Temporary Fencing Systems are contributing to the wider goals of saving the planet. The durability of FenceSafe Temporary Fencing means that it can be used on 10x more projects than traditional temporary fencing, only lasting 1 or 2 projects. The reusability of the FenceSafe range, paired with our Green Book, Planet Mark, and ISO 14001 credentials, we are on track to provide the world sustainable security!

We go into detail about the systems featured in the video, and real-world examples of how they supported a project.

The Patented Cantilever Bases

To start with, let’s look into the secret of the FenceSafe systems foundation free installation and rapid deployment, the patented cantilever bases.

If physical security fencing that withstands physical force is needed, then FenceSafe ballasted patented bases are designed to withstand winds in excess of 100mph conforming to BS EN 1991 for wind loading.


So, what are the features of the FenceSafe Cantilever Bases?

  • 4-way adjustable brackets
  • Fork entry points for easy site lifting and movement allowing for fast installation and adjustments
  • Anti-jam pins for ease of stacking
  • 200kg loose or bagged ballast (weight can be site specific) patented base resisting physical forces
  • 100% recycled bases
Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water Temporary Fencing
FenceSafe Eclipse

FenceSafe Eclipse was the first in the range of systems to offer the permanent solutions in a temporary format. With profiled fence panels using 5 on 5 wire system, and a mesh aperture of 200 x 50mm it created a more robust panel than its successor, the 4 on 5 system.

The heights of the FenceSafe Eclipse vary between 1.23m to 3.03m depending on the perimeter security needed for a specific project.

The versatility of the FenceSafe Eclipse is what makes it a popular choice for many projects. From protecting officials at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting to the creating a appropriate pathways for workers at a Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water site. It’s a great all-round system for a project that needs temporary fencing with just that added level of protection.


Advantages of using our FenceSafe Eclipse System:

  • Robust panels thanks to the 5mm wires both horizontally and vertically, resisting force better than weaker solutions
  • Profiled panels that are attached with secure fixings to protect against attack
  • FenceSafe Eclipse is designed specifically for site security
  • Features 30mm projecting spikes to delay scaling of system
  • Great system for lower-level security perimeters on a budget
Take a look at the FenceSafe Eclipse in action

Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

Over 2,000 delegates from around the world, were protected by the FenceSafe Eclipse system making sure no unauthorised access was given.

High Security Temporary Fencing
Take a look at the FenceSafe Eclipse in action

Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water Site

Protecting staff and visitors by creating specifically demarcated pathways to ensure no shortcuts were taken


Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water Temporary Fencing
FenceSafe Dulok Lite

FenceSafe Dulok Lite is a great option in our range for those projects that need further rigidity and security. With 656 twin wires, 5mm vertical wires and 6mm horizontal wires, and a mesh aperture of 200 x 50mm offering increased rigidity and security thanks to its double wire design.

Dulok Lite features a flat panel with a width of 2506mm, with varying heights from 1.83m to 3.03m. This system is a great option for those that need the rigidity of our permanent Dulok range.

It’s been used to create safe walkways for pedestrians whilst construction was being carried out alongside, with the peace of mind that laborers could freely work without the worry of unauthorised access from the public. To being used on school premises to cordon off a playground into infants and juniors, to keep play safe.


Advantages of using our FenceSafe Dulok Lite System:
  • Dulok Lite offers an anti-cut-through system to protect against intrusions thanks to its 656 double wires
  • Dulok Lite features 30mm projecting spikes to prevent scaling, like the FenceSafe Eclipse solution
  • Ballasted bases hold BS EN 1991 for wind loading withstanding 100 mph
  • Conforming to BS 1722-14 Cat 1 and Cat 2 for panels and posts for open mesh systems
Take a look at the FenceSafe Dulok Lite in action

Lowry’s Crowther Street

Crowther Street needed site security to keep both pedestrians and construction zones safe.

Temporary Fencing used in the construction/Rail Industry - FenceSafe
FenceSafe LPS 1175 SR1

The world’s first LPS 1175 security rated temporary fencing system! Projects that require the highest level of physical security with zero ground strike, then FenceSafe SR1 is the right choice.

The FenceSafe SR1 has a mesh aperture of 76.2 x 12.5mm and a standard height of 2.4m for anti-climb feature, with additional security toppings available to further prevent scaling.


Advantages of using our FenceSafe SR1 System:
  • Tried, tested and certified to LPS 1175 SR1 standard giving it a minimum of 60 seconds delay
  • Secured by Design accredited
  • Close mesh apertures provide the system with effective anti-climb properties
  • The whole system is secured in place with SafeTFix hidden fixings so zero external fixings are visible
Take a look at the FenceSafe SR1 in action

5th Avenue Store, New York

When an iconic 5th avenue store needed effective protection against possible civil unrest protests, as an alternative to simply boarding up windows and access points.

New York City Temporary Security Fencing
FenceSafe Hoard

FenceSafe Hoard was designed and manufactured with sustainability and security for sites in mind. Made from highly durable composite recycled plastic, into sectional profiles measuring 500mm across by 35mm in depth.

For the ultimate easy installation, each board is connected by using tongue and groove click fix that slot into specially engineered rails and channels. These posts, 80 x 60 flanged rolled sections at 2.5m centres, can either be surface mounted on to concrete blocks or dug in.

If your main project requirement is net zero carbon in line with sustainable construction, then FenceSafe Hoard is a great alternative to other site hoarding systems. The boards can be reused onto multiple other projects until it’s broken down into granules and recycled to make more FenceSafe Hoard boards.


Advantages of using our FenceSafe Hoard System:
  • Composite recycled plastic panels
  • Easy click fix using our tongue and groove system
  • The option to have either a foundation free surface mounted system or dug in
  • Conforms to TWf2001 and BS EN 1991 for wind loading
Take a look at the FenceSafe Hoard in action

Football Ground Hoarding

When a well-known football ground needed a site hoarding system that would offer them the security they needed but also complete privacy they opted for our timber alternative FenceSafe Hoard.

Sustainable Alternatives to Timber
Take a look at the FenceSafe Hoard in action

Construction Site Safety

Some construction sites are pushed right up against public access areas and pedestrian footpaths. For safety reasons, there needs to be hoarding system put in place to demarcate construction zones and prevent any rumble or debris from falling onto footpaths. Safety and security are paramount and so FenceSafe Hoard was used.


Construction Site Hoarding FenceSafe Hoard
FenceSafe Sliding Gate

The first temporary sliding gate on the market, FenceSafe Temporary Sliding Gate offers you the manual sliding gate based on our trusted permanent SlideMaster range, but in temporary format.

Some construction sites and premises are on the perimeters of a road which makes using swing gates access control very difficult. Swinging gates are not permitted as a result of local planning conditions preventing anything from swinging out into roads that could cause damage or injury. That’s why the Temporary Sliding Gates are the perfect alternative to swing gates, offering the same level of security.

All temporary gate systems are available in a range of infills to match your perimeter fencing and come with their own concrete and steel base pads for easy installation.


Advantages of using our FenceSafe Temporary Sliding Gate System:
  • Choice between single and double leaf gates up to 8m wide
  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Offers a range of infills that can match your fencing or hoarding
  • It’s completely foundation dree with inbuilt concrete and steel base pads
FenceSafe Temporary Sliding Gate
FenceSafe Swing Gates

If you’ve got effective temporary fencing around your site but people can easily walk in because you’ve neglected the need for access control, then the security of your fence line is void. Sites require entry and exit points that offer the same level of security as the fence line surrounding them. FenceSafe Swing Gates are a great choice to complete your temporary fencing system.

Each temporary swing gate is supplied with matching infills to your perimeters, in either profiled, double wire, 358 or FenceSafe Hoard. They are also available in either single or double leaf, for consideration of pedestrians only or whether trucks and cars to be allowed to pass through.


Advantages of using our FenceSafe Temporary Swing Gate System:
  • Available in either single leaf for pedestrian access or double leaf to allow for vehicles to pass through
  • Completely foundation free, with zero ground strike needed for installation
  • Tested and certified to BS EN 1991 for wind loading
FenceSafe Temporary Swing Gates
FenceSafe Temporary Turnstiles

Pedestrian safety is a major area for sites and premises that require temporary fencing as well. FenceSafe Temporary Turnstiles offer the best protection and access control for site entry and exit. With a range of either entry only, exit only or both, they allow you to offer various ingress and egress within your temporary fence line.

They help prevent any tailgating and piggybacking attempts, with zero guard supervision needed. Constructed from mild or stainless steel for long lasting and maintenance free performance, including 90˚ or 120˚ rotor assemblies, canopies, down lights and fire alarm activation which can engage free rotation.


Advantages of using FenceSafe Temporary Turnstiles System:
  • 100% duty cycle heavy industrial usage
  • Seamlessly blends with existing fence lines
  • Force tested to 1200 newtons
  • Flow rate – 15 to 22 person per minute single direction
Take a look at the FenceSafe Temporary Turnstiles in action

Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

Over 2,000 delegates from around the world, were protected by the FenceSafe Temporary Turnstiles system making sure no unauthorised access was given.


FenceSafe Temporary Turnstiles