High-performance temporary security solutions for hire or hire and install

Temporary Fencing

For many years if your project required temporary fencing you would have been left with limited options. Since FenceSafe launched across the globe back in 2016 it has gone on to be a revolution in the temporary fencing industry. With the worlds first LPS 1175 Temporary Fence to a temporary fence that can be converted to a permanent solution at the end of construction. FenceSafe Temporary Fencing has a solution for your next project.

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FenceSafe Temporary Fencing

Site Hoarding

Site Hoarding can be defined as a temporary solid structure that protects the public from a construction site or area of works. It offers a solid barrier that can also be used for advertising purposes or to blend into the environment and reduce the impact on the local area from the construction. It is normally available in a range of heights but common ones include 2.4 and 3.0m. An essential part of security and safety at construction sites across the world, foundation free surface mounted site hoarding and dug in construction site hoarding needs to comply with both BS EN 1991 for Wind Loading and TWf2001 for best practice in temporary works.

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Construction Site Hoarding FenceSafe Hoard

Access Control

Physical Access Control is one of the most important parts of Temporary Security. Thanks to our range of Temporary Swing and Sliding Gates as well as our Temporary Turnstiles you can control who has access to your site in a secure way.

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FenceSafe Temporary Swing Gates