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FenceSafe Temporary Fencing

Fencesafe temporary fencing

The Original Revolution in Temporary Fencing

Fast becoming the industry new standard in temporary fencing where safety, security and sustainability is the leading factors, FenceSafe Temporary Fencing uses the same posts and panels as a permanent profiled rigid mesh fence but in a foundation free format thanks to its patented cantilever base.

Hospital Temporary Fencing
FenceSafe Temporary Fencing
FenceSafe Temporary Fencing

FenceSafe Temporary Fencing is the original revolution in Temporary Fencing. Manufactured to the same standards as permanent rigid mesh fencing panels (BS 1722-14) it uses a patented cantilever base to offer foundation free installation.

With 5mm vertical and horizontal wires at 200 x 50mm mesh apertures is offers a rigid panel thanks to 3 profiles across the fence. In terms of temporary fencing it is the first to offer a conversion from temporary to permanent at the end of the project. Allowing you to use your temporary fencing as your new perimeter.

Certified to BS EN 1991 for wind loading in excess of 100 mph and conforming to TWf 2001 for temporary works, each cantilever base takes 200kg of bagged ballast.

FenceSafe Temporary Fencing
Wind Rated to BS EN 1991 in excess of 100mph and conforms to TWf2001
Pin Hex Security Fixings
Zero Ground Strike Foundation Free
No External Trip Hazard


Galvanised and polyester powder coated post and panels in a full range of RAL Colours. Stock colours in RAL 6005 Green and RAL 9005 Black


Heights: 1230, 1730, 1930, 2330mm
Panel Widths: 2500mm or 3000mm (up to 2330mm)
Mesh Apertures: 200 x 50mm
Wire Diameter: 5mm (horizontals and verticals)
Post Size: 60 x 60mm SHS
Profiles: 3
Top Edge Projection: 30mm

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