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Security Temporary Fencing
Conforms to BS EN 1991 and BS 6399
Designed In Britain

Security Temporary Fencing – 358 Mesh

FenceSafe Securus Lite – Security Temporary FencingEnquire

Events and sites sometimes require a higher level of security temporary fencing. Whether it be visiting dignitaries or high value property that needs protecting FenceSafe Securus Lite provides the required level of protection against multi-threat attacks. Based on one of CLD Fencing Systems best selling systems it offers Anti-Climb panels thanks to its narrow aperture mesh.

Its permanent fencing variant is tested to LPS1175:7 SR1 and holds Secured by Design accreditation providing design and security for new and refurbished homes, commercial premises and car parks. It supports the principles of “designing out crime™” through physical security and processes. The temporary version is manufactured to the same standards as seen in the permanent system.

Due to its ability to take additional security toppings; in the form of T and Y cranks, this security temporary fencing can offer Multi-Threat attack with Barbed Wire, Razor Wire and PID systems.

Using a patent pending Ballast Base, the design allows conformation to both BS EN 1991 and BS 6399. Each site comes with its own Wind Loading report allowing your Temporary Work team to have the correct site temporary fencing system that can withstand winds in excess of 100mph.

Security Temporary Fencing FenceSafe
The system features the following three key areas:


  • Anti-Trip External Hazard
  • Wind Rated to BS EN 1991 in excess of 100mph
  • Zero Ground Strike system


  • Anti-Climb panels
  • Additional Security Toppings available
  • Rear fixings instead of external
  • External Shade Netting fixing system


  • 100% Recycled Base
  • 90% Recycled UK and European Steel Fencing
  • Lower Carbon Footprint than hoarding systems

See how the FenceSafe system withstood a close range landing with a Helicopter below:


  • Zero Ground Strike Site Temporary Fencing
  • Site Specific Wind Loading Calculations
  • 200kg Ballasted System
  • High Security Fencing System


  • Secure Site Temporary Fencing
  • Secure Compound Temporary Fencing
  • Protected Site Temporary Fencing
  • High Profile Event Temporary Fencing


Galvanised and polyester powder coated. The standard colours are Green RAL 6005 or Black RAL 9005. Full RAL range of colours available.


Heights 1800, 2000 and 2400mm
Panel width 2514mm
Mesh size 76.2 x 12.5mm
Wire diameter 4mm (horizonal and vertical)
Top edge projection Nil - wire is flush on all edges
Posts 60 x 60 SHS
Gate Width Up to 1200mm (SL) Up to 4000mm (DL)
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