High-performance temporary security solutions for hire or hire and install
Aviation Temporary Fencing

Enhanced Temporary and Adaptive Security

In a modern world air travel and airports need the highest level of protection.

Can your Temporary Fencing Stand Up to Downforce?

Temporary Fencing and Aircraft can often result in a FOD (Foreign Object Damage) Risk to the airfield. That is why we wanted to make sure that all our FenceSafe Systems could be deployed without fear of overturn…


Foundation Free Temporary Fencing, Hoarding and Gates
Zero Ground Strike
Conforms to TWf2001 and BS EN 1991

From establishing airside areas to secure passenger areas, aviation safety has changed over the last 20 years. Thankfully aviation temporary fencing has kept up with the shifting landscape thanks to the revolutionary design of FenceSafe.

Conforming to BS EN 1991, FenceSafe offers Wind Loading in excess of 100mph. Each system can be supplied with dedicated site wind loading calculations that are also insured against product liability. This allows you to maintain a safe area at all times.

Likewise all FenceSafe Fencing Systems can be deployed without mechanical works thanks to safe manual handling weights across the range.

Aviation Temporary Fencing


LPS 1175 Rated
Solid Temporary Hoarding
Temporary Monitored Pulse (electric) Fencing

Security at airfields isn’t just about protecting against Terrorism but also Stupidity. The majority of airfield incursions are caused by people ignoring the warnings and thinking they can enter an active airfield. Often the permanent fencing doesn’t offer enough of a deterrent to stop this.

That is why FenceSafe SR1 is the best solution to upgrade weak areas of your fence line. Able to be deployed  alongside your permanent fencing solution it offers true aviation temporary fencing support to your physical line.

As an additional layer of security that features Anti-Climb panels and certified to LPS 1175 it can be integrated into your overall security plan and response.

Aviation Temporary Fencing


100% Recycled FenceSafe Bases
At Least 90% Recycled Steel
Composite Recycled Hoarding

The Aviation Industry isn’t normally considered to be a sustainable sector but that doesn’t mean your aviation temporary fencing has to fall under this misconception. FenceSafe Hire offers a sustainable Fencing, Hoarding and Gate solution to your next project.

All our FenceSafe patented Cantilever bases are manufactured from 100% Recycled Plastic helping your Green Credentials. This is why a number of major airports already use FenceSafe for their construction projects and temporary security.

That’s why  your next avation temporary fencing doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Aviation Temporary Fencing

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