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Construction Temporary Fencing

Protecting your sites, staff and assets

From crimes to fatal injuries, what physical perimeter you deploy can have a huge affect on your project.

A Revolution in Temporary Fencing

For many years you only had one choice when it came to Construction Temporary Fencing; thanks to the Fencesafe System that changed in 2016. Find out how Galliford Try used FenceSafe as both their temporary and permanent fencing on the largest car park project at Manchester Airport


Foundation Free Temporary Fencing, Hoarding and Gates
Zero Ground Strike
Conforms to TWf2001 and BS EN 1991

From fatal accidents to wind causing temporary fencing to be blown down, construction sites need to maintain a safe perimeter at all times. For many years the construction industry was restricted to what construction temporary fencing and hoarding systems that it could use.

Thankfully since the introduction of FenceSafe Temporary Fencing to the industry in 2016, your next construction project doesn’t have to settle for the old. Offering the same safety as a permanent fence but without any ground strike required thanks to its patented Cantilever Base.

All FenceSafe Construction Temporary Fencing and Hoarding systems conform to BS EN 1991 for Wind Loading.

Construction Temporary Fencing


LPS 1175 Rated
Solid Temporary Hoarding
Temporary Gate Solutions

Each year the construction industry is subject to almost £800 million worth of knock on effect from crime on construction sites in terms of delays, assets stolen and insurance premium increases. All these affect the tight margins on projects and can be the difference between a profitable job and an unprofitable one.

With FenceSafe SR1 you now have the ability to protect your site with the only LPS 1175 SR1 tested and certified construction temporary fencing system in the market. Approved to ‘Secured by Design’ standards it is recommended to reduce crime on construction sites and police specification preferred.

Likewise our FenceSafe Hoard is constructed from a robust composite plastic core that offers greater defence over similar site hoarding systems such as plywood.

Construction Temporary Fencing


100% Recycled FenceSafe Bases
At Least 90% Recycled Steel
Composite Recycled Hoarding

Green Building isn’t going to go away so make sure that you are helping to present a sustainable construction site from the world go. All our FenceSafe range of Temporary Fencing, Construction Site Hoarding and Gates are manufactured from recycled materials.

All our steel is at least 90% recycled British and European steel; whilst each FenceSafe base is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic. Not only is our FenceSafe Hoard sustainable but it can also cut down on the local impact to the environment through the use of bespoke graphics.

So remember that your temporary security doesn’t have to cost the earth on your next project.

Construction Temporary Fencing

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