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Events and Festival Temporary Fencing

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Event Fencing Fit for a Queen

When 53 State Leaders needed protecting as part of the Heads of the Commonwealth Governments Meeting in London; FenceSafe helped to provide the physical security in the form of FenceSafe Temporary Event Fencing.


Temporary Fencing, Hoarding and Gates
Crowd Loading Tested
Conforms to BS EN 1991 for Wind Loading

Safety has never been more important for events and festivals across the world. With the potential introduction of ‘Martyn’s Law’ in the United Kingdom and similar pieces of legislation around the globe; organisers are becoming even more responsible for the safety of the public.

FenceSafe Hire has developed a number of temporary security solutions to help keep sites safe. From FenceSafe Hoard which offers a solid external perimeter and can be erected foundation free on gradients to form a solid line of crowd control to FenceSafe Temporary Turnstiles that provide restricted access control to the fence line.

All our systems conform to BS EN 1991 for Wind Loading and have been tested by numerous police forces for use in crowded areas.

Events and Festival Temporary Fencing


Guaranteed Delay against Attack
Temporary Security Gate Solutions
Tested by Police against Crowd Loading

With security costs running into the millions of pounds for an International Music Festival such as the Isle of Wight Festival can you afford to skip any aspects? At FenceSafe Hire we believe you should get the best for your money and that is why we are the only company able to offer for hire temporary fencing solutions that are tested and certified to LPS 1175.

The FenceSafe SR1 temporary security fencing system is supplied in heights of 2.4m and has been used at festivals and events to protect CCTV systems; create secure compounds backstage and seperate the festival area from the service areas.

Likewise using FenceSafe Swing and Sliding Temporary Gates can offer you a secure ingress and egress for vehicles onto the site.

Events and Festival Temporary Fencing


100% Recycled FenceSafe Bases
At Least 90% Recycled Steel
Composite Recycled Hoarding

We know that helping to save the planet is vital for all festivals and events. That is why our entire range of Hoarding, Fencing and Gates is manufactured from sustainable materials.

Each one of our patented cantilever FenceSafe bases comes from 100% recycled plastic and what is more when they come to their end of life each base is then recycled into a new FenceSafe base. To match this all our FenceSafe Fencing and Gate systems are manufactured from at least 90% recycled British and European Steel.

Lastly is the next generation in Hoarding, which has a core made from recycled composite plastic with a skin of virgin to encase it making it one of the most sustainable hoarding systems on the market place today. That’s why temporary security doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Events and Festival Temporary Fencing

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