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Sports Temporary Fencing

From Events to Training

FenceSafe Hire has a Sports Temporary Fencing Solution for your event or club

Thanks to its unique design, FenceSafe Dulok is able to offer a sports fencing system in a temporary format. See how Tottenham Hotspurs used the system to offer a screen from view when the Brazil national team trained at their new lodge ahead of the World Cup.


Brazil check in at The Lodge!

Bem-vindo Brasil ??

The first guests of our brand new player accommodation Lodge settle in before beginning FIFA World Cup preparations at Hotspur Way.

Posted by Tottenham Hotspur on Monday, 28 May 2018


Foundation Free Temporary Fencing, Hoarding and Gates
Zero Ground Strike
Conforms to TWf2001 and BS EN 1991

Whether your next event is the Olympics or a non-league match, keeping the public and the athletes safe and secure is paramount. To do so requires the need for fencing systems to keep the game play from interruption but also to provide a safe ring around the event area.

That is why FenceSafe Hire is able to offer a zero ground strike Hoarding, Fencing and Gate systems all in temporary format for your sports temporary fencing options.

Each system conforms to BS EN 1991 for Wind Loading and comes with site specific wind calculations and product indemnity cover as standard. Allowing you to concentrate on what you do best… Putting on a great event!

Sports Temporary Fencing


LPS 1175 SR1 Certified Temporary Fencing
Solid Temporary Hoarding
Temporary Gates and Turnstiles

Security at sporting events and training camps is a major challenge in this modern world. From Terrorism to Press, making sure you keep your events and sites secure should be a key deciding factor in your temporary security.

Thankfully FenceSafe Hire is able to offer the only sports temporary fencing system that is tested and certified to LPS 1175 giving it a guaranteed delay against manual forced entry in the form of Fencesafe SR1. Manufactured from anti-climb panels it also has zero external fixings to prevent cut through and scaling.

Alongside this we are able to offer a number of physical access control systems from Temporary Swing Gates to Temporary Turnstiles allowing controlled ingress and egress from the training event or major sports events.

Sports Temporary Fencing


100% Recycled FenceSafe Bases
At Least 90% Recycled Steel
Composite Recycled Hoarding

Modern Sports need to embrace Sustainability at the core of everything that they do this includes events as well. Large sporting events such as the Olympics and Commonwealth Games can require 100’s of kilometers of physical security and barriers.

That is why the FenceSafe range of Hoarding, Fencing and Gate solutions are all leading the way in terms of sustainability. From 100% Recycled patented Cantilever Bases on all FenceSafe Fencing Systems to at least 90% recycled steel and 95% recycled composite plastic in the hoarding.

That’s why temporary security doesn’t have to cost the earth with FenceSafe Hire.

Sports Temporary Fencing

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