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Utilities Temporary Fencing

Keeping the Lights on and the Water running

Learn how FenceSafe Hire is able to protect CNI sites; including Water, Gas and Electrical

Utility Temporary Fencing with a Difference

Some companies embrace innovation in all aspects of their daily working life. Welsh Water and Skanska are two of these. When they needed to keep their work force safe during work at a major water works site in North Wales they used FenceSafe as a temporary barrier fencing.


Foundation Free Temporary Fencing, Hoarding and Gates
Zero Ground Strike
Conforms to TWf2001 and BS EN 1991

Keeping people out of CNI sites for their own safety is a critical aspect of perimeter security for Water, Gas and Electricity sites. The obvious dangers are sometimes ignored by the public such as open water, electric shocks and flammable materials.

Thankfully FenceSafe Hire is able to offer a number of temporary solutions that allow you to keep your sites safe whilst working on the permanent fence line or as additional lines of defence against unauthorised entry. Systems such as FenceSafe Temporary Fencing are already deployed to Gas sites in the United Kingdom to keep site workers and the public away from major gas lines.

Where as Water sites have been using FenceSafe as demarcation lines for many years in Wales.


Utilities Temporary Fencing


LPS 1175 Rated
Solid Temporary Hoarding
Temporary Monitored Pulse (electric) Fencing

Already approved for use on Electrical Sites and Substations; FenceSafe SR1 provides a guaranteed delay against manual forced entry tested and certified to LPS 1175. The only temporary security fencing system that offers a minimum of 60 seconds delay.

However for the ultimate in Utility Temporary Fencing is the FenceSafe-E the world’s first foundation free deter and detect monitored pulse fencing and host. Powered by Gallagher who have supported the CNI industry for many years it is available in a range of mesh fencing options including Anti-Climb.

So make sure that your next project is protected by FenceSafe Hire thanks to our national Hire or Hire and Install rental packages.

Utilities Temporary Fencing


100% Recycled FenceSafe Bases
At Least 90% Recycled Steel
Composite Recycled Hoarding

Whilst we protect your sites you can also protect the environment thanks to the sustainable aspect of FenceSafe Hire. All our FenceSafe patented Cantilever Bases are manufactured from 100% Recycled Plastic meaning that not only are they great for the environment but when they come to their end of life they are recycled into new bases as well.

Likewise all our fencing systems conform to Green Guide ratings 2008 for Welded Mesh Fencing with Metal Posts with an A Rating. This is down to all engineered posts and panels containing at least 90% recycled British and European Steel.

Make sure your temporary security doesn’t cost the earth on your next project.

Utilities Temporary Fencing - FenceSafe Hire

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