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Site Compound Fencing – Manchester

Zero ground strike site compound fencing for Eric Wright Construction

Site Temporary Fencing

A new system of site compound fencing has been installed by Wallbank Fencing Ltd on behalf of Eric Wright Construction at their new redevelopment in Manchester.  The system had to provide the following:

  • Zero ground strike due to services and contaminates
  • Competitively priced
  • Flexible operation and installation

Wallbank Fencing Ltd, a member of the CLD Approved Contractors Scheme (ACS) Network, put forward the FenceSafe system to Brent Knox, Contracts Manager at the site for consideration. After review Eric Wright signed off on almost 70m of the FenceSafe Eclipse system in contrasting Goosewing Grey and Black at 1.8m high.

Site Temporary Fencing Site Temporary Fencing Site Temporary Fencing
Matched with 2 Single Leaf gates for ingress and egress; the site compound fencing was installed and has enabled Eric Wright Construction to establish a safe and secure compound in difficult circumstances due to a reduced footprint.

Brent went on to say “I’d never seen the (FenceSafe) system before, got a sample and liked it.” He continued “It’s a very good system, we can’t break ground so it was ideal.” Work started on site back in June 2016 with demolition works, before starting on a large concrete frame at the beginning of 2017.

See a short video of the work that Eric Wright is carrying out on the site and the great installation by Wallbank Fencing Ltd below.

FenceSafe is available in three different mesh options including Profiled; FenceSafe Eclipse, Double Wire; FenceSafe Dulok-Lite and 358 Mesh; FenceSafe Securus-Lite. All systems come in a nominal 1.8, 2.0 and 2.4m heights and are available with addition toppings for increased security.