High-performance temporary security solutions for hire or hire and install

Frequently Asked Questions

Can site hoarding be customised?

Yes – in fact, it’s one of the main attractions of this type of temporary security solution.

Available in heights of 2.4m or 3m, site hoarding from FenceSafe can be sized to your exact measurements.

You can also pick the type of foundations you would prefer, with foundation free or dug in site hoardings both available.

And the choices don’t stop there. You have full control over the overall look of your site hoarding. We supply RAL 7040 Window Gray as standard, but other profile colours are available. Along with the additional option to include fully customised vinyl graphics – which can be added before or after installation.

To talk to the team about customising your site hoarding, call 0800 074 2861 or email info@fencesafe.co.uk.

How eco-friendly is site hoarding?

Sustainability is a growing priority for many businesses, and rightly so. Which is why, at FenceSafe, we’ve worked hard to ensure the site hoarding panels we provide are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Think traditional timber is the preferable option for recycling? Think again. In fact, due to the number of screws and fixings used to secure timber panels into place – and the mix of glue, metal and paint typically found covering them – they actually can’t be recycled!

In contrast, FenceSafe site hoard is a responsible and sustainable solution. Made using a composite recycled plastic, it connects using a unique tongue and groove click fix. This means that not only can our hoarding be used time and time again, but when panels do eventually reach the end of their life, we can simply crush them down, recycle, and start again!

What are the benefits of site hoarding?

With safety, security and the potential for free advertising wrapped up in one sustainable solution, it’s easy to see why site hoarding is such a popular option.

Not only can site hoarding protect your site and your equipment, but it shields passers-by too.

One of the biggest draws of site hoarding is the fact it is solid. By restricting the view of the site beyond, it helps to minimise the impact of the site on the surrounding environment. Smartening up the appearance whilst also reducing the risk of theft.

To discuss the benefits of site hoarding in more detail and find out more about how it could work for your next project, get in touch with the team.

Do FenceSafe offer an installation service?

Yes. We like to think we offer a flexible service that works around the individual needs of each customer, so we’re delighted to offer the option of site hoarding hire or hire and installation.

The choice is entirely yours. Either way, with our dedicated customer services and support team always on standby – and delivery available across the UK – you could be receiving your stock site hoarding in less than 24-hours.

Why wait a moment longer? Use our product selector to tell us exactly what you need, and we’ll sort the rest.