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Site Temporary Fencing

What happens when your site temporary fencing goes wrong?

Site Temporary Fencing

At 8:45pm on a cold October evening, one of our FenceSafe team; whilst driving home, noticed something out of the ordinary at a construction compound in Cheshire. Seeing a beaver tailed truck with a mini digger exiting from the compound and not securing the ‘gate’ on the site temporary fencing raised concerns that they may be witnessing a construction plant theft in progress!

The lorry driver started to act suspiciously once they realised our man was out to pursue them, making turns in the road and driving with speed, the actions screamed theft. Thankfully Cheshire Police, having been alerted; were able to stop the vehicle and discover that they had in fact broken into the compound and stolen the equipment. Being the sharp detective that they are, our man went back to look at how the site temporary fencing could have been attacked?

The cause, some cut through cable ties, a bolt opened with a spanner and site temporary fencing that offered little to no security at all. The above happened last week and ended in a positive outcome; however more and more we hear of cases where it doesn’t.

Over the past few weeks we have taken to stopping at sites around the UK and capturing the below photographs of site temporary fencing that just doesn’t stand up (no pun intended) to the security requirements for various reasons. Whether it is unsuitable for the wind loading, bodged with major trip hazards or can be attacked with a pair of scissors and a spanner we thought we would highlight the dangers of what happens when site temporary fencing goes wrong.

Site Temporary Fencing Site Temporary Fencing Site Temporary Fencing

As you can see in the above examples the site temporary fencing has failed to offer a secure demarcation line; or has been altered in such a way that is now offers a major safety hazard to the public.

Back in July, CLD Fencing Systems; the United Kingdom’s largest manufacturer and supplier of rigid mesh fencing and security gates launched a revolution in temporary fencing in the form of FenceSafe.

FenceSafe is available in three different mesh panel systems which are:

We can also supply a range of double leaf and single leaf temporary gates with matching mesh infill. FenceSafe is the first product designed for site temporary fencing that offers the same security as a permanent fencing system. Each site can be supplied with a detailed wind loading calculation that complies with BS EN 1991 and BS 6399-2 which has allowed the system to be rated in excess of 100mph. Alongside this it offers a zero strike and zero trip hazard, making your site safer for the public.

Site Temporary Fencing

Dulok Lite FenceSafe Site Temporary Fencing

When you look at the security aspects of FenceSafe all our systems come as standard with specialised security fittings, or can be upgraded to the revolutionary SafeTFix hidden fixing system. A full range of security toppings can also be supplied.

When looking for your next site temporary fencing, make sure to contact CLD Fencing Systems on 01270 764751 or and ask us about the revolution in temporary fencing, FenceSafe.