High-performance temporary security solutions for hire or hire and install

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I hire temporary fencing for?

Our standard rental periods for temporary fence hire are:

  • 6 months
  • 12 months
  • 18 months
  • 24 months+

However, here at FenceSafe, we recognise that every application is unique, and we’re always happy to look at alternative hire periods.

Our aim is to ensure you have exactly the fencing you need, for as long as you need it. So, whether you think you need temporary fencing for a few weeks or a few years, we’re the team to trust.

Job taking longer than anticipated? No problem. With temporary fence hire from us, you can extend the length of your rental period by simply getting in touch with the team.

To discuss your individual requirements for temporary fence hire, talk to us today.

Where can temporary fencing be used?

This one’s easy – anywhere!

Hugely popular as a means of crowd control for outdoor festivals and sports events, temporary fencing can also be used to secure construction sites and prevent access to dangerous areas – and that’s just off the top of our head!

Foundation-free (our temporary fencing uses a patented cantilever base), you have the freedom and flexibility to erect FenceSafe temporary fencing pretty much anywhere you need it. Which is why we don’t think we’re over-stretching a point to say we’ve revolutionised the market!

Got a specific use in mind but unsure if temporary fencing will be right for the job? Get in touch with our friendly team, who will be happy to talk through the specifics of your project and offer advice on the most appropriate solution.

Can I customise temporary fencing?

It’s not just the rental period of our temporary fences that’s flexible – there are a range of other options you can customise to your needs, too.

These include:

  • Height – depending on the of type of fence you go for, you can choose from 1.8m, 2m, 2.4m, and 3m.
  • Length – this can be adapted to your exact needs.
  • Electrification – if maximum security is a priority, then our temporary electric fencing could be the choice for you.
  • Access – swing gates, turnstiles, and sliding gates can all be included within your temporary fence design.

Use our handy product selector to identify what it is you need from a temporary fence and we’ll be back in touch with a personalised quote.

Can I make temporary fencing permanent?

Great news – yes!

If what starts out as a temporary fix turns out to be just what you need long-term, then you’ll be pleased to hear that FenceSafe temporary fencing can be converted into a permanent solution.

We use the same posts and panels in our temporary fences that you’ll find with a quality permanent fence. So, if you decided to make your barrier a constant feature, rest assured you’ll still enjoy robust quality and won’t be compromising on safety or security.

To discuss the options of converting temporary fencing to permanent in more detail, talk to the team.